Develop Your Spiritual Channels for Modern Day Living

Mar 01 - Mar 03

Soulfulness Centre • Sydney
242 Pacific Hwy, Crow's Nest
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

Honor Fee: $155 ($255 with Tao blessing package); $78 (Student Concession; $178 with Tao blessing package); $115 (Seniors Discount)
0421 529 519

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Part of the Modern Age Sage Series

Obtain wisdom and guidance for the edge, added depth and insight on how to navigate your work, career, business, finances, relationships and more in the current era.

Free Introductory Evening: Friday 1 March, 7 – 9pm
Main Workshop: Sat 2 & Sun 3 March, 10am – 7pm

Every person has equal opportunity to have the empowerment, access, joy and freedom from the soul being expressed through soul communication, and accessing the power of their spiritual channels.

Benefits of developing one’s "Sage Abilities" through spiritual channels in this workshop are:

  • Creating a new deeper heart awakening
  • Continuous expansion of consciousness beyond the logical mind
  • Gaining breakthrough techniques for transforming work, business and relationship situations and challenges
  • Accessing the potential heart and soul powers, abilities and skills that you possibly never even dreamt of
  • Accessing deep inner wisdom and experience from our heart and soul
  • Learning means and ways of connecting with our ancestors and the significant power of the lineage we have
  • Access and release high frequency joy from the heart and soul
  • Freeing the heart and mind from negative self-talk and develop trust and confidence
  • Release doubt, insecurity and other negative belief systems
  • Gain clarity, purpose, direction and more for the daily life, seemingly mundane aspects of live as well as the bigger picture
  • Understand the benefits of all 4 spiritual channels that every person has and how to develop them further for benefiting both your daily existence and spiritual evolution.
  • Connecting with saints, holy beings and your own Heaven’s team for guidance and life journey blessings.

The workshop is highly experimental and includes special Tao blessings for acceleration of developing your abilities and spiritual channels.

Your registration package includes the following options:

  1. Standard registration $155 / $78 (student)
  2. Registration with a Tao blessing package $255 / $178 (student)