Divine Healing Hands Certification Training

Feb 24 - Feb 26
10:00 am - 8:00 pm (GMT -10:00)

Master Sha's Tao Center Honolulu
885 Queen Street
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813 , US

Honor Fee: New DHH Soul Healers $625, Auditors $100
Information: Sareh
808 988 8090

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Note: Please contact the Center to apply for approval for this event.

To receive Divine Healing Hands is to become a powerful healer. This is quantum healing for the 21st century. Master Orlena Wong, Master Patrick Sambueno, and Master Satinder Juneja will lead you through a powerful, inspiring and life-transforming weekend to help you fulfill your soul’s calling and purpose in this lifetime. 

Master Sha shares the following teaching about Soul Healing and Divine Healing Hands in his book, Divine Healing Hand, Millions of people are suffering from blockages in their health, emotions, relationships, finances, and spiritual journey. Many people feel they understand physical sickness and emotional imbalances. People may not understand that soul, heart, and mind blockages are major causes of physical sickness and emotional imbalances. To heal is to purify the soul, heart, and mind. Divine Healing Hands are the Divine’s creation of the Divine’s own soul hands that are transmitted to the recipients. Each Divine Healing Hands blessing carries divine frequency and vibration with Divine love, Divine forgiveness, Divine compassion, and Divine light to transform unpleasant messages in our Shen Qi Jing bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Visit the Divine Healing Hands website for more information.

Join us for this special training. You can participate in one of three ways either in person or via webcast or telephone. 

  • Certify as a new Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer 
  • Repeat attendance – review teaching, learn new wisdom and practice 
  • Re-certify or certify for the first time as a current Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer

Honor Fees 

New Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer- $625 USD 

  • Receive permanent Divine Healing Hands Transmission, Divine Protection Package, and Divine Pendulum. Included 
  • 30 Hours Certification Training. Included 
  • 18 Hours — 6-Session Practicum with video training and practical application. Included. 
  • Regularly schedule practicums, nominal fee. Special trainings to further develop your knowledge, wisdom and practical application of Divine Healing Hands, fees vary by length of workshop or training 

Repeat Attendance- $100 USD 

Join us to review the knowledge, wisdom and practical application of Divine Healing Hands. Many have found their confidence and trust increases significantly when they review the teachings and practice applying Divine Healing Hands. 

Complete Your Certification – $100 USD. 

All current Divine Healing Hands Soul Healers who have not yet certified or wish to re-certify are strongly encouraged to join this training. You will take the oral and written exams during the training and the practicum. Passing grades will enable you to complete your certification. Let us join hearts and souls together to create love, peace, and harmony!

Please feel free to bring slippers for the main teaching room. You may also bring your lunch and snacks; or eat at nearby Ward Shopping Center. Water is available in the main teaching room at the Center. Contact the Center at 808.988.8090 for details