Compassion in the Modern Day Living

Apr 27
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT +10:00)

Soulfulness Centre • Sydney
242 Pacific Hwy, Crow's Nest
Sydney, NSW 2065, AU

Honor Fee: $70
0421 529 519

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Life is so super busy, hectic and fast paced. Who has time to pause for kindness, generosity and loving thoughts?

Life in the business world and in the city, those who work a full time job whether that is in the workplace or at home, are most often challenged for time at this time.

So some questions to ponder on the power or the significance of compassion in Modern Day Living are…

  • Do you have kind thoughts about yourself?
  • Do you eat well?
  • Do you sleep well?
  • Do you give yourself permission to take a break to pause? to do something that balances either your physical body, or improves your energy or calms your heart so that your heart could be peaceful?
  • Do you give yourself time to have a pause, to really listen to your body?
  • Do you give yourself time to really listen to another person or are you constantly multitasking while on the phone cooking, sorting this and that out?

We have truly developed into a multitasking way of living and being. What if that wasn’t the answer? What if simplicity was the answer. What if kindness with oneself was the answer to give back more time, give more space for oneself? What does this look like? What does this sound like?

Kindness is not to revisit the painful memories or mistakes one has made perceivably in one’s life. Kindness is to let oneself off the hook. It is to forgive oneself. It is to accept oneself exactly how one is.

Compassion for oneself can be the most freeing thing you do for yourself today. Are you ready to free yourself from fear, worry, guilt, blame, judgement, justification and more? Are you ready to accept yourself exactly as you are? Are you ready to be kind with yourself, and to yourself.

This one-day workshop explores some of the concepts though ancient wisdom from the Compassion Buddha.

  • You will learn a sacred mantra so that you can increase the cellular vibration to be at the level of compassion.
  • You will do spiritual practices to increase the message of compassion and kindness understanding and more in your soul heart mind and body.
  • You will learn tools and techniques how to break through the old habits and replace them with compassion for yourself and others.
  • You will also have the opportunity to receive Tao blessings to clear blockages that are in the way of you experiencing more compassion in your life.