Tao Calligraphy: Basics of Oneness Calligraphy

Jul 08 - Jul 09
10:00 am - 6:00 pm (GMT -8:00)

Soul Mind Body Center Vancouver
1128 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC, CA

Honor Fee: $100 CAD for 2 days (July 8-9) or $55 CAD per day
Information: Sara Baker

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Chinese calligraphy is an ancient practice that is widely accepted and honoured as a way to flow universal wisdom, receive qi, and enrich life, through its powerful, positive images.

Masters Peter Hudoba and Hui Ling Lin teach the unique system of Tao Calligraphy writing created by Master Sha, Shu Fa Jia and Professor at the State Ethic Academy of Painting in Beijing. This special calligraphy writing is Oneness writing (also known as Yi Bi Zi method), in which every sacred Chinese character and phrase is written with one stroke of the brush and blessed to carry Tao light.

Learning and practicing Tao Calligraphy can bring many blessings into your life. Join Master Calligraphy Teachers Peter Hudoba and Hui-Ling Lin, who have been trained and certified by Master Sha, to learn some of the key and fundamental principles of writing Chinese calligraphy, and how to make your Oneness (Yi Bi Zi) writing flow with balance and integrity.