Awaken Your Spiritual Channels: 8-week program

Jun 15
2:00 pm - 4:30 pm (GMT -5:00)

Honor Fee: $397; Includes a special sacred Spiritual Channel Light Treasure
Information: Irit Furman
+1 416 609 2777

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Saturdays: May 18, 25; June 1, 8*, 15, 22*, 29 and July 6

Join this inspired ground-breaking course on awakening and developing your spiritual channels to learn the highest spiritual wisdom through in-depth training to access your inner voice and develop the ability to connect to your higher self and the entire Soul World.

This highly interactive training is designed to provide you with the soul and heart wisdom, knowledge, and exercises that will help you to develop soul communication that can create flourishing in every aspect of your life.

Enhance your life and realize new possibilities by accessing your spiritual channels!

This comprehensive training will give you the highest spiritual wisdom and practices that will deeply touch your heart and soul, challenge your way of thinking, and give you a deeper sense of how the Soul World works and assists you.

  • Live your daily life with greater purpose, grace and abundance. Receive guidance to support every moment of your life in making decisions that bring flow and abundance to move with grace and ease.
  • Solve problems with free-flowing inspiration and creativity. Discover and activate your Third Eye to manifest creative solutions and choose answers that are in alignment with your heart and soul.
  • Make decisions with ease and flow. Make decisions that can bring flourishing in your life, and assist you to be in alignment with your life purpose.
  • Live your life purpose with greater authenticity. Connect to your soul and receive the guidance that is needed to fulfill your life purpose and to align with your higher self.

* Please note: The sessions on June 8 and June 22 are only available by live webcast (in person participants will be sent the webcast link for this session).