Learn the Ten Greatest Tao Qualities to Enrich All Life

May 02 - May 04
10:00 am - 7:00 pm (GMT +1:00 hour)

Ostend Sea Palace (Hippodroom)
Koningin Astridlaan 10
Oostende, BE

Honor Fee: €180 In Person, $180 CAD Webcast (Registration includes Guest Discount invitation: In Person €50; Webcast $70 CAD)
Information: Master Irene Pool
+31 6 22 41 40 63
Additional Information: Note that you must be at least 18 years old to attend this event.

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In person or via webcast.

We speak your language. The event will be available in the following languages:

English Chinese Spanish Dutch French German Japanese Russian Hindi

Master Sha’s most recent, best-selling book Soul Over Matter, introduces the Ten Greatest Tao Qualities and their significance in creating a happy, healthy and abundant life. The key message is one of unconditional service. Service is to help others be happier and healthier. The act of serving unconditionally helps us to align with our soul’s purpose and discover our true nature and essence. This leads to flourishing on all levels.The 10 Greatest Tao Qualities each carry Divine and Tao essence and wisdom to assist us in our unconditional service and flourishing. They are:

  • Da Ai – Greatest Love
  • Da Kuan Shu – Greatest Forgiveness
  • Da Ci Bei – Greatest Compassion
  • Da Guang Ming – Greatest Light
  • Da Qian Bei – Greatest Humility
  • Da He Xie – Greatest Harmony
  • Da Chang Sheng – Greatest Flourishing
  • Da Gan En – Greatest Gratitude
  • Da Fu Wu – Greatest Service
  • Da Yuan Man – Greatest Enlightenment

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Master Sha has provided many teachings, practical techniques, wisdom and blessings to assist our physical and soul journey. The wisdom of these qualities hold the keys to all life. It is by developing the Ten Greatest Tao Qualities that each of us will accomplish the mission to create true love, peace, and harmony on Mother Earth and in all souls.

The retreat hall will display Tao Calligraphy scrolls of each Tao Quality. Tao Calligraphy was created by Master Sha after learning the ancient and unique form of Oneness (Yi Bi Zi) writing. Each Tao Calligraphy created by Master Sha carries a high frequency of light. Participants will learn to meditate, chant, practice forgiveness and more, in this high frequency field of light, to maintain an open heart and practice sustaining the Tao Qualities within. As we learn to recognize and perpetuate the Ten Tao Qualities, our lives can be filled with infinite possibilities of the greatest potential.