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Tao Miracle Healing Testimonial for Master Venier’s Service

I have been living with leukemia for 11 years. I was first diagnosed on January 9, 2007. On April 3, 2015, I became very ill and I went to the emergency department of a hospital. I learned that my blood test results revealed my red blood cell count to be 22, with the white blood cell count at 1070. I was later informed that a normal red blood cell count for a healthy woman of 30 is 120, with white blood cell counts at 10 or lower. I was also termed “profoundly anemic.” What became shocking to me was that one of the doctors said to me, that he had “never before seen anyone who was still alive with these blood counts.” All the medical specialists who treated me all agreed this was shocking and I was immediately rushed to the Intensive Care Unit for continuous monitoring, and I continued to receive a succession of blood transfusions.

Immediately hearing this, my heart went out to Beloved Master Sha for I suddenly realized that I was still alive because of all of the Divine and Tao blessings I received through Master Sha for the past year. The blood results were confirmation, the evidence is clear, I know my life was saved because of these blessings. That night, as I lay in bed in ICU, I had no fear, simply great love, trust and gratitude beyond measure for Master Sha, Divine, Tao and Heaven. There was a team of about eight doctors monitoring me around the clock.

When I was released from the hospital on April 9, 2015, the reading for my condition of leukemia was 87 positive/active for the HTLV Human T-Lymphotropic Virus. At this point, I decided to continue taking the prescribed medications, including steroids, to decrease the immune system’s response to leukemia, and to reduce symptoms of excessive lymphatic swelling, but I did not want to do chemotherapy.

I was released from the hospital but I was still quite weak and not well. However in early August 2015, I went to the Toronto Center and I was chosen as a demo to receive the Greatest Love Soul Temple Crown Chakra blessing, I felt so much love and healing, my heart opened much more. I also received one of the highest calligraphy blessings available through the new Tao Miracle Healer Calligraphy through Master Venier. This is a special service that offers removal of negative jing qi shen blockages and offers daily blessings for more than three months.

Once this blessing started, my health really began to improve. So much so, I decided to have another reading of the leukemia virus in my blood, and on September 2, 2015, the new reading showed the leukemia virus dropped. It was now 65 negative/non-active. This means that the leukemia virus went from 87 positive/active to 65 negative/non-active since receiving the Tao Miracle Healer Calligraphy blessing.

As I continue to receive daily Tao Miracle Healer Calligraphy blessings, I am experiencing the following:

  • Down to 5 mg of steroids every other day, with no side effects. (began at 100 mg each day while in hospital).
  • Weight 115 pounds (after years of being 102 pounds).
  • I am regaining muscle and muscle strength. I had severe muscle loss and weakness.
  • My heart is stronger. (now minus heart palpitations).
  • Color is slowly coming back—most noticeably in the hands.
  • Energy level is improving steadily. I can feel energy moving in my body.
  • Also, of significance, is that personal relationships have greatly improved.
  • My mind is much clearer.
  • I feel closer to the Divine, Tao, Master Sha and Heaven.

Most recently, on September 16, 2015, I met with my doctor and two interns. I was informed that my red blood count reading was now 126, surpassing that of a 30-year-old healthy woman. The white blood count reading was 99.7. One of the interns asked the doctor, “Why have her white blood count continued to drop when she is not being treated with chemotherapy?” It is a medical practice to prescribe chemotherapy to reduce white blood cells. The white blood count reading began at 1070 and has progressively dropped to 99.7 without chemotherapy. My doctor, who is very well respected in the medical community responded, “I know I am supposed to have all of the answers, but I don’t know?”

As Master Venier wisely suggested, before taking all my medication to communicate with the soul(s) of the medication with love and request a healing blessing.

After practicing this faithfully for four and a half months, there is a very special warmth and love that we now share for each other. This is so beautiful. It did not occur to me, that it was possible to create a loving relationship with the soul(s) of the medicine. I send unconditional Love, asking the dear soul(s) to share their healing wisdom and healing powers, and remove all toxicity and side effects, to be released to Heaven’s white light to be transformed. How beautiful this is! This practice has helped considerably—thank you for sharing this wisdom.

Countless Bow Downs could never be enough—to Divine, Tao, Source, Master Sha, Master Venier and all of Heaven.

With love and gratitude,