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A Breakthrough Healing Program

Healing is Possible

Are you seeking greater energy, balance, health and happiness?

Are you experiencing stress, depression, anxiety or other imbalances?

Are you or someone in your life suffering from chronic pain other serious conditions?

Have you tried other modalities with minimal improvement?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we invite you to experience a powerful new breakthrough healing approach.

Discover the power of Tao Chang Pathway to Wellness Program

Watch these videos:

Living a Full Vibrant Life with Cancer

Chronic Fatigue Healed

Depression, Anxiety and Stress Gone

Life Changed and Weight Loss

Cancer Recovery and Rejuvenation

Pain and Fibromyalgia Reduced

Experience a new way to support your health.
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Wed Aug 29, Sat Sep 1 and Wed Sep 5 available in person or by webcast; Fri Aug 31 in person only

Aug 29 or Sep 5    Sep 1 In Person    Sep 1 Webcast

To register for Aug 31, please contact Irit.Furman@DrSha.com or 416-609-2777.


Tao Chang Pathway to Wellness – Eight Week Program – Sept. 8 to Nov. 2

What are the benefits?

  • Address the root cause of health imbalances and challenges
  • Learn powerful practices to release deep blockages
  • Boost your energy, stamina, immunity and rejuvenate
  • Reduce chronic pain, stress, depression and anxiety
  • Transform negative thinking, behaviours and emotions that can block your health and happiness
  • Access your inner healing power to a higher level
  • Discover the three golden keys to universal healing and apply healing secrets and wisdom for your daily life
  • Experience inner joy and inner peace that you did not think was possible
  • Be empowered, supported and guided to live the life you want

Eight weeks, 112 hours of healing light, daily health sessions, weekly classes and support

What you will receive

  • 8 Tao Chang Source Light healing field sessions
  • 8 Universal healing secret and wisdom classes in person and by webcast
  • 80 Light sessions by tele-conference
  • 2 Consultations with a top Tao Master Teacher Practitioner for guidance and customized health plan
  • 8 Weeks of follow-up and support

Webcast is available on Saturdays from 10 am to 2 pm on the following dates:
September 8, 15, 22, 29 • October 6, 13 • November 10, 17

Experience a new way to support your health.
Register today for your FREE Healing Event, August 29 or 31/September 1 or 5

Wed Aug 29, Sat Sep 1 and Wed Sep 5 available in person or by webcast; Fri Aug 31 in person only

Aug 29 or Sep 5    Sep 1 In Person    Sep 1 Webcast

To register for Aug 31, please contact Irit.Furman@DrSha.com or 416-609-2777.

Additional BONUS special offer for NEW participants!

FREE Healing Events

Discover the power of a new breakthrough healing approach

What you will receive at the free healing event

  • Experience the frequency and vibration power of Tao Chang Source healing field and light blessing
  • Learn key healing secrets for optimal health
  • Discover the benefits of an extraordinary healing program
  • An opportunity to receive a special gift and more!

What is Tao Chang?

Tao Chang (Source field) is created through Sacred Tao Light Calligraphies. This Source field brings forth Source light frequency and vibration power that can nourish and align soul, heart, mind and body for optimal health.

Source light can transform negative messages, emotions, consciousness, energy and matter into positive ones for rejuvenation, health, relationship and life transformation.

Additional BONUS for NEW participants…ask us how!

Experience a new way to support your health.
Register today for your FREE Healing Event, August 29 or 31/September 1 or 5

Wed Aug 29, Sat Sep 1 and Wed Sep 5 available in person or by webcast; Fri Aug 31 in person only

Aug 29 or Sep 5    Sep 1 In Person    Sep 1 Webcast

To register for Aug 31, please contact Irit.Furman@DrSha.com or 416-609-2777.

Healing Stories

Awaken to the power of healing

Sharilyn C.

“I was diagnosed with a critical illness and the program helped me transform fear and anxiety to peace and joy. The powerful healing light, daily health sessions and meditations have made this last year of intense chemo therapy much easier and I feel so much better in my daily life. Read More I am so grateful for the Pathway to Wellness and for the love and compassion I received from the high calibre Master Teacher Practitioners. I recommend this to anyone hoping to heal their chronic conditions.

Lisa S.
New Hampshire

I was seeking help for a rare skin condition. I tried conventional treatments but nothing seemed to work. After joining the Pathway to Wellness I was so amazed that my skin was healed. The discomfort was gone and I was so relieved. Read More The program has given me more than what I was looking for, it gave me my health back, new confidence and tools to connect with my whole body for wellness. I am more empowered to address my health holistically and to help others who are searching for a healing solution.

Maureen R.
LMT and Qi Gong Instructor

I joined the Pathway to Wellness because it gave me a structured way to help me in my own healing and to help my daughter with her emotional health. As a registered massage therapist and practitioner of qi gong I understand the connection between cellular healing and emotional memories, and how it affects the body. Read More I was looking for something that would address healing holistically at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. The program exceeded my expectations. It gave me access to new healing knowledge and powerful healing sessions led by some of the best teacher healer practitioners. Everything has changed. My relationship with my daughter has healed. She has gained emotional balance. Her anger is gone, she has peace and there is more harmony. I am cannot say enough good things about the program. I am feeling better, integrated and happier in my relationships and life.

H. V.

My 80 year old mother, lives in another country, one day when she went for a walk, she was hit by a car and seriously injured. She suffered from broken bones in her face, collar bone, wrists and arm. We were told by the doctors that she would have a very long road to recovery involving surgery and months of rehabilitation. Read More Because I previously received healing benefits from the Pathway to Wellness I knew I had to register my mother.
I had hoped for my mother’s recovery but I had no idea the results would be so miraculous. Within the first few weeks of receiving healing light and joining the program my mother recovered at an incredible speed. The doctors were so surprised with her progress that they no longer recommended surgery and further treatment. The value of this program is priceless and because it is accessible by webcast, telephone and in person, anyone who needs healing can receive its benefits no matter where you live. I encourage anyone with a health issue to experience the Pathway to Wellness.

Linda H.
Researcher and Statistician, Washington

I learned about the program while visiting Toronto. I was so impressed with the love of the teachers and healing benefits that I told all of my friends. I want to share the healing experiences of one of my friends. Read More Prior to the program, she was chronically depressed, jobless, had brain fog, felt completely stuck and could not see a way out. When the program finished she was grateful but was not sure if she received the transformation she was seeking.
However after the program many things began to change. First, she found a job, then she reported she had new motivation, so much so, that she changed her lifestyle, went on a diet, and over the next six months successfully loss over 100 pounds! In my world this never happens! I was so inspired by her deep transformation. If you want to be inspired, have breakthroughs in your health and experience a big transformation in your life, then enroll in this healing program!

Lana K.

As a working mother of five children I have often felt overwhelmed, tired and ached from head to toe. This new breakthrough program truly transformed my health. Read More I now have more energy than I have ever had for years. My mental focus improved, I completed projects that I never had time for, my body is much lighter and my life is more balanced. The Pathway to Wellness is beyond words and the results speak for itself.

Joanne T

This program changed my life. I first heard about it from a friend and saw how it deeply touched her heart and inspired her healing journey. The practices, blessings and consultations with leading practitioners empowered me to live a richer life, and I now have new energy and inspiration to lead my community peace events!

L. B.
Naturopathic Doctor, Toronto

I am a Naturopathic Doctor and past participant of the Tao Chang Pathway to Wellness. I can truly say that this program provides phenomenal support and effective self-healing tools for those who suffer from stress, anxiety, digestive problems, and more serious health conditions. This program is the perfect fit for many of my patients who suffer from the above and more.

Healing is possible. Start your new life!
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About Us

“I have the power to heal myself, you have the power to heal yourself, together we have the power to heal the world”
Dr and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Welcome to Master Sha Tao Centre Toronto!

We invite you to experience the Tao Chang Pathway to Wellness Program and discover a revolutionary healing approach to health, happiness and life transformation.

Discover the root causes of any health challenges. Experience the possibility of profound healing at the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level for optimal wellness.

Meet the team of heart-centred Tao Master Teacher Practitioners who will guide, teach and support you in this extraordinary breakthrough healing program.

These leading Master Teacher Practitioners have dedicated their total life purpose to bring greater health and happiness to the world. Each brings unique expertise as well as the highest healing knowledge, wisdom and power. As one team they will serve you with their greatest love, care and compassion.

Master Venier
Master Sher
Master Firuzan
Master Francisco

With love, peace and harmony

Tao Chang Pathway to Wellness Team


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