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Release stress and renew all aspects of life

We all encounter various stressors in our daily life. Physical pain, relationship issues, and challenges in business and finances are different manifestations of the same root causes—the negative messages that we are carrying. What’s more, our busy lives can keep us from taking the time needed to go within and address these root causes.

Tao Chang (Source Field) is a positive energy field created to help you release the root blockages of your stress. It is formed by a circle of Tao Calligraphy, Oneness writing, carrying positive frequency and vibration with the highest messages for your well-being.

How it works

Master Sha teaches, “If a fish lives in polluted water, the fish gets sick or dies. To save the fish, cleanse the water.”

Human beings live in different kinds of pollution, including air pollution, water pollution, food pollution, chemical pollution, and more.

To save a fish in polluted water, cleanse the water. To help humanity, cleansing the blockages causing pollution in our soul, heart, mind and body is key.

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Experience what the Tao Chang can offer you!

At Master Sha Tao Center in Hawaii, we welcome you to experience the benefits of the Tao Chang in the following ways:

Tao Chang Open House

Experience the power of the Source Field to relax and rejuvenate you during this complimentary evening.

1 hour, every other week • FREE!

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Tao Chang Meditation

Experience profound states of quietness and stillness within the Tao Chang. Beginning and Advanced meditators welcome!

1 hour, every other week

Tao Chang Practice Sessions

Trace over 20 Tao Calligraphy in one hour to rejuvenate and nourish your whole body, balance emotions, and more.

2 sessions each week

Need help choosing?

Receive a complimentary 15-minute personal consultation with a Certified Master Teacher to learn how the Tao Chang can serve you and your loved ones. Call 808-988-8090 or email to learn more or schedule an appointment.