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E Aloha, Soulfulness

Why is it important to nourish one’s soul? What does it mean to experience soulfulness in one’s life?

In Master Sha’s teachings, soulfulness is to fill one’s soul with the love and light that will provide the nourishment it needs to be healthy and happy. Millions are searching for the secrets to find fulfillment of their soul’s purpose in life and beyond. To achieve a state of soulfulness is to align with all the elements of one’s life and become one with Heaven and Mother Earth. It is to align with your own soul. We now live in the Soul Light Era where the Soul is the boss.

In Master Sha’s teaching:
“To live in harmony with your soul, is to live your true purpose. Your soul’s journey is your true journey.Your soul’s destiny is your true destiny.”

At Master Sha Tao Center, we invite you to take an incredible journey to discover what true Soulfulness is, and why it is one of the most important things to learn in the Soul Light Era. Welcome!