Certified Master Teacher

Master Ximena Gavino

Location: Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Phone: 415.529.8770
Email: Ximena.Gavino@drsha.com

Master Ximena Gavino

Master Ximena Gavino is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Sha. She is a powerful soul practitioner and soul teacher. Master Ximena shares Master Sha’s Tao knowledge, wisdom, and practical techniques with people around the world to help them deal with life challenges and advance on their spiritual journeys.


A long-time student of Master Sha, Master Ximena’s practitioner and teacher’s journey began in 2001 when she learned Master Sha’s Four Power Techniques®. Since then, Master Ximena has trained extensively with Master Sha in his most advanced training programs and in January 2011 she was honored to be named as one of Master Sha’s Certified Master Teachers.

Since 2003, Master Ximena has served in many capacities with Universal Soul Service, including as General Manager. In 2005, she began training teachers from around the world, and is currently one of two Certified Master Teachers assigned to Master Sha’s Tao Center in San Francisco, where she teaches classes, trains Tao Hands™ Practitioners, leads retreats, and assists people from around the world in advancing on their spiritual journeys.