Certified Master Teacher

Marilyn Smith

Location: San Francisco, California, USA
Phone: 415.806.6864
Email: Marilyn.Smith@drsha.com

Marilyn Smith

Marilyn Smith, a Certified Master Teacher since 2009, is the author of Gratitude: A Key to Happiness. As an ambassador of the Love Peace Harmony Movement™, she travels worldwide giving blessings. Drawing from her background as a highly successful teacher and administrator in elementary education, Master Marilyn leads workshops, teleclasses and retreats that serve you in every aspect of your life and provide key wisdom and practical techniques for staying happy and healthy for yourself and others.

The profound transformation Marilyn has experienced she shares with others by traveling worldwide teaching workshops, giving blessings and helping others receive answers to life’s important questions through soul guidance. She has led workshops, teleclasses and retreats in the United States as well as Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, India, and Australia to empower participants to become enlightened so they can serve others better. Master Marilyn’s many years as an elementary school teacher and administrator have prepared her for this role. She is also known as a Soul Practitioner.

She has received a special designation from Master Sha to be an Ambassador of Love Peace Harmony worldwide. Her passion for having humanity and Mother Earth benefit by having people singing the song Love, Peace and Harmony worldwide has assisted in having thousands join this movement.

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Marilyn is the author of Gratitude: A Key to Happiness. For many, the mantra “Gratitude changes my life” summarizes this powerful little book. Gratitude: A Key to Happiness has heart touching teachings and practical suggestions on how gratitude can help you become happier and healthier. As one student said, “It is a small book but a big read.”

Marilyn’s professional background is in elementary education includes teaching many levels of elementary education ranging from classroom teacher, RSP teacher (teaching children at least two years below grade level in reading, math, or both), as well as being a school administrator.

Marilyn teaches a wide selection of power of soul workshops that can benefit every aspect of your life, She offers a workshop on how to help children (including the inner child) be healthier, happier and more intelligent.