Certified Master Teacher

Master Kirsten Ernst

Location: Vienna, Vienna, Austria
Phone: 43 699 13396815
Email: Kirsten.Ernst@drsha.com
Website: http://www.divinehealingshands.at/

Master Kirsten Ernst

After more than 20 years of intensive spiritual studies of various traditions, Master Kirsten met Master Zhi Gang Sha in June 2007 at a workshop in Germany.

She recognized his unique abilities to teach and to summarize profound and sacred soul wisdom in one-sentence secrets. His teachings empowered students to “unsquare their heads,” so that they could create a transformed life through the power of soul. She witnessed Master Sha’s genuine desire ″to serve humanity and Mother Earth,” and immediately joined all available trainings. Shortly thereafter, Master Kirsten began to translate his teleclasses for the growing number of German-speaking students.

She deeply connected with Master Sha’s spiritual task – to teach humanity the significance of Universal Service, Soul Self-healing and Soul Power. Practicing his techniques and empowerments caused a substantial shift in her life and her spiritual development. Master Sha’s books answered her questions about the true purpose of life, as well as the final goal of the soul’s journey.

Master Kirsten decided to pursue a soul-fueled personal life and work life, and in 2010 she left her career as a telecommunications and e-learning solutions Sales Representative to join the Institute of Soul Healing and Enlightenment™ as Master Sha’s German translator for events and for his books.

Throughout her dedicated and intense studies with Master Sha she has earned several certifications, including: Divine Healing Hands™ Soul Teacher and Healer, Master Teacher and Healer, Divine Master Teacher and Healer, and Divine Direct Soul Communicator. She has been selected and approved by Divine guidance to be a Certified Master Teacher and Certified Master Teacher of Master Sha.

Master Kirsten’s personal healing experience:

″When I met Master Sha in 2007, I was deeply affected by abuse I experienced in my early teenage years. It caused physical and emotional issues and no conventional treatment really helped me. I used Soul Power Techniques like Soul Conference and Forgiveness Practice and I finally transformed this trauma of my teenage years. Knowing that this situation occurred in my life for a specific reason, I was seeking for the root cause in my past lives. Master Sha’s teachings finally gave me a complete picture of my karma – the law of cause and effect. The practices he taught opened a new perspective on my abuse. I could feel the relationship of victim and perpetrator, the karmic balance it brought to both souls. This awareness brought inner peace, strength and vitality into my life. It didn’t happen overnight, but I perceived a continuous change and final cleansing. I encourage everyone to connect with the power of love, forgiveness and compassion. Make a personal commitment to transform your life, regain your well-being, emotional balance, mental clarity and spiritual upliftment. I would love to share my experience and development with you and empower you to turn your challenges in opportunities to grow.”

Master Kirsten serves in Austria offering Soul Power workshops, Soul Healing retreats and private consultations to help people understand the root cause of life’s blockages and how to overcome them to experience substantial shifts in their lives.

As a Certified Master Teacher, Master Kirsten has access to the Akashic Records and can offer Karma Cleansings, Soul Readings & Divine Downloads as well as spiritual guidance and wisdom. You can reach her at Kirsten.Ernst@drsha.com.