Certified Master Teacher

Brenda Gartner

Location: Waimanalo, Hawaii, USA
Phone: 808.392.8305
Email: Brenda.Gartner@drsha.com

Brenda Gartner

Brenda is humbled and grateful to be able to serve all of humanity, and blessed to be a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha and certified since August 2015.

Brenda has been a registered nurse for more than 30 years, where she has worked in the critical care areas: first in the Burn Unit working with all kinds of burn victims, then ICU, and eventually in the Emergency Room. She is also a certified emergency nurse and advanced burn life support instructor. She was also blessed to have opened and directed a community clinic for the under-served, and now works for the largest health insurance company in the country taking care of the aged, blind and disabled for the state.

Even though she was able to help many clients throughout her nursing career, she was always looking for new and rewarding areas that would challenge her skills and make her a stronger and more compassionate nurse. But throughout the years she continued looking for “something else” that she could offer her patients and their loved ones when they were in a critical state or near death, and even with all of the medical technology we have, there had to be more.

Brenda also does a lot of volunteer work to give back to the community where she lives and it is through one of these opportunities that she came to meet Master Sha, and was totally mesmerized by what she was experiencing. It was at a Soul Song, Soul Dance Evening and she was so interested in what she was seeing and hearing. At the end of the evening they announced that Master Sha was going to be offering a three-day workshop that weekend and her soul wanted to go! So she quickly went to work the next morning, asked for the next day off so she could attend. Brenda remembers being totally happy to be there, as she got to see Master Sha offer teachings and blessings.

When Master Sha started offering the Tao Hands Certification in 2010, she felt a calling and quickly signed up. Immediately she knew she had found what she had been searching for during her whole career!

Upon being certified, Brenda immediately started using her Tao Hands daily for friends, coworkers and family who were experiencing all kinds of blockages.

She feels very honored to be a Tao Hands Practitioner, Certified Soul Practitioner and Teacher, and is honored to train others so they too can receive the benefits and experience the joys of serving as a Tao Hands Practitioner and Soul Practitioner.