The Importance of Self-Care as a Wellness Practitioner

Deborah Flanagan, founder of the Center for True Health, addresses the importance of self-care as a professional practitioner. She provides strategies and ideas to help practitioners personalize their own self-care to ensure a sustainable and thriving practice. Specifically, she offers questions to reflect on regarding work schedules and time off, as well as examples of […]

Being Grounded and Present In a Chaotic World

Certified Master Teacher and physical therapist Janet Potts shares self-regulation techniques that can affect the body’s physiological responses to stress and overwhelm. These exercises develop the ability to quickly recognize and intentionally respond to activating experiences and physiologically move from a state of fight-or-flight and overwhelm to a greater state of calm. Soul mind body […]

5 Self-Care Rituals to Nourish Your Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body

This article describes the importance of self-care rituals that are vital for maintaining good health and a balanced life. Practices are revealed to help align with self-love in order to fill your heart, as well as daily rituals to nourish your soul, heart, mind, and body. The five self-care rituals suggested are examples that anyone […]

Interact with Master Sha in exciting new ways

Humanity and Mother Earth are facing huge challenges. At this critical time, Master Sha will be sharing ancient wisdom and simple but powerful techniques on new platforms, that will enable people to experience his teachings at any time. Being able to meditate, sing, and chant with Master Sha on demand helps you to create a […]

April 22: Challenging Times: Forgiveness Can Ease Stress and Boost Immunity, by David Lusch in Mindful Word

As the world wrestles with many challenges, including communicable diseases, natural disasters, political turmoil and more, people need simple, effective tools to maintain or restore their peace, clarity, vitality and immunity. Forgiveness is one such tool. It is especially important during times of crisis, which can trigger our wounds and test our resolve. When fear, […]

April 9: Master Zhi Gang Sha selected as Top Spiritual Innovator of the Year by the International Association of Top Professionals

The announcement of this award and the following press release is being shared widely in public media: ABC CBS FOX NBC CW LifePulseHealth Master Zhi Gang Sha, Tao Grandmaster, Doctor of Western Medicine, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Grandmaster of several Asian Arts, Healer, Teacher, and Eleven-time New York Times Bestselling Author was […]

Jan 28: Master Sha Holds Calligraphy Demo on Living808, Hawaii

Master Zhi Gang Sha, doctor and master healer, held a Tao Calligraphy demonstration January 28 on KHON2 Living808, Hawaii. Tao Calligraphy is art and goes beyond art. Each Tao Calligraphy combines visible beauty and invisible transformation power to help people. For over 3,000 years Calligraphy has been a treasured art form in China With brush, […]

Jan. 24, 2020: Master Sha on KHON Morning Show.

Master Sha was live the morning of January 24th on the KHON Morning Show where he wrote a special Tao Calligraphy for the Chinese New Year – “Ji’xia’ng”. “Ji’xia’ng” means “luck, prosperity, happiness” and more. Master Sha also explains what is Tao Calligraphy and shares how he learned this healing art.

Jan 22: Master Sha Visits Kahauiki Village

In Master Sha’s first community outreach trip in Hawaii, he joined the Kahauiki Village after school program to teach Love Peace Harmony. The Kahauiki Village is a community of formerly homeless families who are building stable lives together. The children learned to sing the Love Peace Harmony Song and began learning Tao Calligraphy. The Love […]

Jan 21: Master Sha On Olelo Community Media TV

Master Sha was interviewed on The Radical Self Care Movement Show on Olelo Community Media TV, Oʻahu’s non-profit community Public, Education, and Government access provider created to empower the voice of the community. This episode is titled, “How Can One Song Change The World” and will be aired in February on Oahu.

Love Code – What is Soul Healing with Hui-Ling Lin

Hui-Ling Lin is a Certified Master Teacher trained by Master Zhi Gang Sha, a certified Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Teacher, a certified Tao Calligraphy Grandmaster Practitioner, certified Tao Hands Practitioner, and a Guan Yin lineage holder. Master Sha has appointed her as one of his worldwide traveling teachers in 2016. Since January 2019, she has been […]

Love Code – Healing the Incurables with Cheryl Malakoff, Ph.D

Cheryl Malakoff, Ph.D. received her doctorate in Psychology in 1984 from United States International University, San Diego, California. As the Director of Wellness Through Awareness since 1988, she has specialized in the science of transformation through pioneering healing systems to restore the soul, mind, body health of her clients and students. She continues to devote […]

Love Code – The Power of the Soul with Rulin Xiu, Ph.D

As a quantum physicist, Dr. Rulin Xiu had been searching for the answer to the major question that has been at the center of physics for years. This question, called the Theory of Everything or the Grand Unification Theory, asks how everything is created, what everything is made of, how everything interacts, and how everything […]

Master Sha Receives Honors in Hawaii

On March 23, 2019, Dr. and Master Sha received recognition from several government officials for his contribution to the well-being of the people and state of Hawai’i. David Y. Ige, Governor of Hawai’i, sent a special message of congratulations to Master Sha in celebration of the new Master Sha Tao Center in Honolulu, in recognition […]

Master Sha Tao Center Hawaii – Grand Opening Mar 23 2019

The Grand Opening of the new Master Sha Center in Honolulu on March 23, 2019 was an auspicious occasion, full of celebration and congratulations. With sacred Hawaiian song, dance, and a Lion Dance, it was an opportunity to express gratitude and to open the center with blessings. Master Sha was presented with special recognition from […]

Master Sha Interview on KHON Hawaii – Mar 11, 2019

Original article: HONOLULU (KHON2) – A master of Tao Calligraphy is sharing his art in Hawaii. Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, founder of Soul Mind Body Medicine, Tao Science, Tao Academy and Tao Calligraphy and 11 times New York Times bestselling author of 25 books, is hosting a series of events on March […]

Soul Healing Miracles with Dr. Peter Hudoba on the Love Code with Dr. Sherrill Sellman

Dr. Hudoba is a distinguished neurosurgeon and specialist in pain management and non-surgical spinal care. He received his medical degree from University of Komenskeho, Czechoslovakia in 1982 and practiced as a neurology resident at the University of Komenskeho. Dr. Hudoba relocated to Canada in late 80’s and performed pioneering research at McMasters University in Neurosciences. […]

Master David Lusch is Interviewed by Dr. Sherrill Sellman about Healing Obsessive Compulsive Disorder on Love Code

David Lusch is a widely recognized top teacher at Master Sha’s Tao Academy, a soul practitioner, and author. He travels worldwide offering Tao wisdom and has trained thousands Soul Practitioners and teachers. His personal journey of healing and transformation is deeply inspiring and motivating. He has a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University […]

Yes! You Can Create Healing Miracles in Your Life – Master Francisco Quintero is interviewed by Dr. Sherrill Sellman of What Women Must Know

Dr. Sherrill Sellman, Board-Certified Integrative Naturopathic Doctor, mind-body psychotherapist, author, journalist, and radio show host, interviews Master Francisco, lead teacher of Tao Academy, about his background with Master Sha, his own healing story of recovering from high blood pressure and how he has become empowered to helps others become healthier and happier. Master Francisco shares […]

Master Sha Receives International Tara Award, Dec. 5, 2017

Master Sha was honored to receive the heart touching Tara Award from Ven. Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta, founder of Sathira-Dhammasathan, Savika-Sikkhalaya University on December 5, 2017 at a Ten Day Festival on Living with Meaning and Dying with Nobility in Bangkok, Thailand. This award is given to one who acts like a Boddhisattva, doing good […]

How to Forgive and Ask For Forgiveness to Regain Inner Peace, by Master Francisco Quintero in Pick the Brain

Accumulating research supports what spiritual teachers from nearly all traditions have long taught, which is that forgiveness heals. It improves our mood and optimism, brings inner peace, and helps us recover from challenges of all kinds. Even medical doctors are endorsing that forgiveness helps patients recover from injuries and ailments. Forgiveness improves the quality of […]

Master Sha’s Tao Calligraphy to appear in “Living with Meaning and Dying with Nobility” 10-day festival in Bangkok, Thailand, Dec. 1 – 10

Sathira Dhammasthan, a Buddhist center founded by Ven. Mae Chee Sansanee Sthirasuta in Bangkok is hosting a 10-day festival entitled, “Living with Meaning and Dying with Nobility” at its headquarters Dec. 1 – 10, to honor the memory of the late king Bhumibol Adulyadej. …. A variety of holistic health activities, art activities and the […]

Greatest Love Book Launch in Snapd, Scarborough

During this dynamic and interactive book launch participants joined the author in reading his favourite extracts of the book, was led in a journey of a Greatest Love meditation, practice simple techniques to integrate Greatest Love in their daily lives and had the opportunity to buy this pocket-sized accessible and straightforward book signed by the […]

Power of Soul Course by Master Francisco Quintero on DailyOM

In his first ever collaboration with DailyOM, Master Francisco Quintero offers a Power of Soul Course that introduces participants to soul secrets, soul wisdom and soul practices that connect people with the power of soul to help them expand, improve and transform any aspect of their lives. Participants will receive a new lesson every week […]

A Keeper of Traditional Chinese Art

On March 18, 2017, the State Ethnic Academy of Painting and Heilongjiang Artists Association happily jointly organized a unique dual exhibition, featuring Tao Calligraphy by world-renowned Chinese Calligraphy Master Dr. and Professor Sha Zhigang and “Lan (Orchid): A KEEPER OF TRADITIONAL CHINESE ART” by famous artist Jia Chang. The opening ceremony and the exhibition were […]

“How to Live a Soulful Life” in the Sydney Scoop

Featured in Sydney Scoop Fashion and Lifestyles Master Mirva joins the Sydney Scoop as a regular contributor on spirituality. In this, her first entry, she writes: In today’s day and age, how many of us look for deeper purpose and meaning in our lives? How many of us look at what is happening around the […]

To the Stars through Adversity Blog Talk Radio

Master Sha is Interviewed by Svetlana Kim, author of “White Pearl and I – A Memoir of a Political Refugee,” who asks about karma, the purpose of life, and the teachings in the new book, “Soul Over Matter” by Master Sha and Adam Markel. Your browser does not support the audio element. BlogTalkRadio

Master Sha and Adam Markel on Soul Over Matter

Combine ancient Eastern and modern Western wisdom, mix in proven techniques from both a CEO and a legendary soul healer, and you get Soul Over Matter. Master Sha and Adam Markel, co-authors of Soul Over Matter, explain how you can clear blocks to abundance in business. Watch: (2:06 minutes)

Perry & Price Interview

Master Sha – “The World’s Happiest Man” Join Master Sha and Perry and Price on Hawaiian Radio, as Master Sha, “the world’s happiest man,” gives a Da Ai (Greatest Love) Tao Calligraphy singing blessing and teaching. Perry and Price vouch for these brief appearances by Master Sha, in that they will get calls from people […]