Let Your Soul Guide You to Your Optimum Weight in the New Year

For lasting weight loss, the key is to go beyond the external level to allow your soul to help you leave behind the feelings that hold you back from true self-care. You can connect with a deeper source for loving yourself unconditionally and transforming from within to lose weight and live a healthier life. Greatest Gratitude, Da Gan En, is a route to reaching your optimum weight. Da Gan En is connected with the 2nd House, the sacred powerhouse for losing weight. With the Greatest Gratitude, you will be empowered by one of the most important energy centers in your body to reach your optimum weight.

The Weight Loss Package includes the following at the honor fee of $150 CAD (Normal Fee: $300), a 50% discount for the new year.

  1. A Weight Loss CD
  2. Optimum Weight Jin Dan (Golden Light Ball) for One from Master Francisco
  3. One Tao Calligraphy Card (Da Gan En/Greatest Gratitude)
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