Tao: The Way

May help to relieve chronic stress

Encourages emotional and physical balance

Helps awaken your natural power to heal

Greatest Love

May help relieve anxiety and depression

Supports better moods

Soothes and calms

Greatest Forgiveness

Supports relaxation and healing

Enhances peace of mind

Encourages serenity and acceptance

“To follow Nature’s Way is to follow Tao.”

— Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

Tao is the source of all life. When we follow nature and Tao, we bring ourselves into emotional and physical balance. The Tao Chang Essences combine nature’s powerful healing essences with the Greatest Tao Qualities. Transform yourself with the Tao Chang Essences.

The Greatest Tao Qualities

There are ten positive qualities that embody the nature of Tao. Each of these qualities carries the greatest wisdom for transformation in every aspect of life.

The Tao Qualities are Greatest Love, Forgiveness, Compassion, Light, Humility, Harmony, Flourishing, Gratitude, Service, and Enlightenment. They carry the highest frequency and vibration of Tao and support health, happiness, and spiritual growth.

We all have the potential to embody these qualities. The natural ingredients used in Tao Chang Essences may help you connect with these Greatest Qualities. Activating these qualities within yourself leads to health, happiness, and success in life.

Why Tao Chang Essences

Meditating with the Tao Chang Essences fosters calm and peaceful states of mind, positive mindsets, and brings out your natural healing power. You begin to resonate with higher states of well-being.

Your sense of smell, part of the olfactory system, is the only sense regulated by the amygdala and the limbic system, the parts of your brain that play a role in moods and emotions. Scents trigger memories and have powerful effects on emotional balance.

The aromatherapy of the Tao Chang Essences contributes to creating less stress, more contented states of mind, and overall well-being.


Apply to wrists, feet, and behind the ears to absorb the natural essences and the positive messages of the Tao Chang (Source Field).

You can also diffuse the oils to shift the ambience of a room, creating a field for spiritual healing and transformation.

This is a pleasant, easy way to transform yourself and your environment. When you enhance your life daily with the power of the Tao Chang Essences, you get closer to embodying the Ten Greatest Tao Qualities, and discovering your true nature.

Where to buy

Tao Chang Essences are available online, and at Master Sha Tao Centers around the world.

Size: 10ml
Price: $25 USD / $33 CAD