Real Life Stories

Please read these stories carefully.

They are true testimonials of the human struggle and the victory of spirit over the adverse forces of fate.

—Dr. Peter Hudoba

46-Year Old Female With Diabetes

Jane is a forty-six-year-old housewife. She had normal weight and smoked for the past twenty years. Five years ago, she was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus type 2…

…In the research update of November 24, 2015, Jane wrote to us that her blood sugar levels had been normal for the prior year. She was still taking small doses of the medicines, as her doctor had not approved stopping her medication. However, there were instances when she did not take medication for a few days and yet experienced no rise in sugar levels.

55-Year Old Male With AIDS

In 1984, John was diagnosed with “gay lymph node syndrome” and was presumed to have acute onset of HIV infection. After the diagnostic set was finally developed, it was confirmed in 1986 that John was HIV-positive

…I met John personally in November 2018. He feels great, enjoys continued stable health, and is fully active in his life. In fact, his job is extremely demanding; he is working many hours, often until late at night, and he is able to manage it all!

52-Year Old Male With Cardiovascular Disease

John is a fifty-two-year-old male who was diagnosed with high blood cholesterol and coronary atherosclerosis in 2005, although he did not have any chest pain at that time…

…John believes that doing meditations and receiving spiritual services has vastly improved every area of life. First, there has been a healing of the physical heart. Secondly, he has no more neck pain and his lower back pain has much improved. John also feels that his ADD has much improved; his mind has clarity and intelligence he’s never known. He has confidence, grounding, and can handle extreme stress, which would have been impossible in the past…

Middle-Aged Male With OCD

…John’s life came to a dramatic turn in 2004. He suffered with OCD and had been on medication for over half of his life, when he met his destined teacher, Master Sha

…In about one year, John completely stopped his OCD medication. After June 8, 2005, he never took Anafranil medication again and he feels completely healed. About six months later, John stopped taking his thyroid medication also, as thyroid function tests showed normal results.

Nine years later, on July 10, 2014, John returned to see his physician. He was found to be in complete remission of his illness.

55-year-old female with stage 4 lymphoma

In 2009, Jane started to have abdominal discomfort and constipation. As time went on, she became quite tired and lost a lot of weight…

…Soon, in October 2009, she underwent a biopsy of the bone marrow. The pathologist made a diagnosis of Stage 4 lymphoma—mucosa-associated lymphoma tissue (MALT)…

…I met Jane in November 2018 at Master Sha’s Tao 5–9 retreat in Toronto. To me, she looks the best since I’ve known her. She looks healthy, with a radiant face and good color, and moves with vigor and force…

56-year-old female with eye problems

…In 2005, Jane started to experience excruciating pain (eight on a scale from zero to ten) in both of her eyes, with sensitivity to light, tearing, blurred vision, and seeing halos when working on the computer…

…In 2014, Jane had a follow-up with an eye specialist who was very pleased with the completeness of healing of the surgical skin graft in her eyes. In his experience, it normally takes much more time to reach that level of healing. He also told her that the Salzmann’s nodules did not get any bigger, and even perhaps got smaller. He said, “Your retina, optic nerve, everything is in excellent condition!”