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Dr. Peter Hudoba had a highly successful career as a neurosurgeon and worked for years in university education and research. Along with his professional career, he pursued the study of Eastern religions and spirituality and is a lineage holder of one of the oldest Taoist traditions in the world. He is a certified Master Teacher, trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, and travels worldwide to teach and lecture about maintaining good health and reaching soul mind body enlightenment. He is currently conducting research on the benefits of Shen medicine, a complementary treatment based on Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s teachings. Dr. Hudoba has personally trained Master Teachers around the world and has served as the leading teacher at the Soul Mind Body Centre of Vancouver and as the President and CEO of the Master Sha Research Foundation. He maintains his medical practice in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

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Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba has had a special interest throughout his life in martial arts and Asian energy healing, including Taoist, Buddhist, and Raja Yoga systems. Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba’s professional background is in university education as a highly successful neurosurgeon, teacher, and researcher. During his university studies, Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba was intensely involved in research in neurosurgery and altogether received seven awards at home and abroad for outstanding scientific contributions. After completing his residency in neurology at University Komenskeho, Czechoslovakia, Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba moved to Canada. After several years of work as a neuroscientist at McMaster University, he went on to study neurosurgery at the University of Toronto, where he successfully graduated and soon became Assistant Professor at the University of Saskatchewan and Head of the Neurosurgical postgraduate program at the University of Saskatchewan.

His lifelong passion for research led him to conduct many research studies, which he has presented in conferences around the world and published in many professional journals. After leaving the university milieu, Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba served for eight years as President and CEO of Sha Research Foundation, where he continues to serve as a leading researcher on the effects of spiritual messages on physical conditions.

Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba is a leading teacher of the Tao Academy. His desire is to teach everyone how to maintain good health and to help people to reach enlightenment. Now a Certified Master Teacher and Certified Tao Calligraphy Teacher trained by Master Sha, Dr. and Master Peter Hudoba travels worldwide to teach and offer lectures on soul mind body alignment and enlightenment. He has personally trained Master Teachers around the world, served as the leading teacher at the Soul Mind Body Centre of Vancouver for six years, and maintains his medical practice in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia.

Book Details

Title: Shen Medicine

Subtitle: Changing Messages of Illness to Health as Told by a Neurosurgeon

Author: Peter Hudoba, M.D.
Foreword by: Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

Paperback: 200 pages

Publisher: Waterside Productions, Inc.

Pub Date: April, 9, 2019

Language: English

ISBN-10: 1-947637703

ISBN-13: 978-1947637702

Price: $15.95

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A Revolutionary New Pathway to Health: Heal the Message

Shen Medicine: Changing Messages of Illness to Health as Told by a Neurosurgeon by Peter Hudoba, M.D.
Foreword by Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha (Waterside Productions, Inc., 2019, Paperback, 200 pages, $15.95)

“Proper functioning of everything in the universe depends on having a correct message. If the message is good, then the functions of energy and matter in any given entity are also good. If the message is not correct, then the energy and matter cannot function correctly.”
– Peter Hudoba, M.D.

Shen medicine adds a crucial missing dimension to treating illness. Dr. Peter Hudoba, a neurosurgeon and a Master Teacher trained by world-renowned transformational leader Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, has brought together his lifelong dedication to healing illness and his passionate interest in ancient wisdom traditions to present this new form of medicine to help patients with a wide variety of illnesses. Despite his successes in using both Western medicine and his knowledge of acupuncture and the wisdom of Chinese traditional medicine, he felt there was a deeper dimension that was also needed to get to the root cause of illness. In the year 2000, he met Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha and discovered the next step in Shen medicine. Shen is the Chinese word for soul that Master Sha developed further to encompass soul, heart, and mind. The key wisdom is the flow of messages from the soul to the heart, mind, and body.

After training with Master Sha and becoming a high-level teacher himself, Dr. Hudoba is now doing research in the extraordinary effectiveness of Shen medicine, when combined with other modalities, for helping to treat chronic health conditions, and for fostering rejuvenation and the maintenance of good health.

In his new book Shen Medicine, he explains clearly how negative messages contribute to the origins of illness and provides readers simple but extremely effective techniques to mobilize soul, heart, and mind to help remove these harmful messages and the blockages that stand in the way of health and well-being.

In a succinct and understandable fashion, Dr. Hudoba presents forty-six recent case studies, including the results of medical tests and patient reports, to show the remarkable role that Shen medicine can play in supporting a path to wellness.

Everyone can benefit by learning and applying this unique and powerful knowledge to help prevent illness, to help improve health, and to create the conditions for a longer, healthier, and happier life.

Q & A with Peter Hudoba, M.D.

What is Shen Medicine?

Shen medicine is the medicine of the soul, heart, mind (consciousness). Shen is an ancient Chinese word that, in Master Zhi Gang Sha’s teachings, encompasses the soul, heart, and mind. Western medicine focuses on the physical matter of the body and Chinese traditional medicine focuses on the energy of the body. Shen medicine complements both Eastern and Western medicine, adding the special Shen component. In my book Shen Medicine, I explain how this works and present forty-six case studies, including scientific evidence and patient reports of improvements in their well-being.

How did you get involved in research about this alternative healing method?

Since I was a child, I have always been connected in some way with healing. The effects of sickness on human life fascinated me, and I always had a great passion and desire to help those who were ill.

To satisfy my deep interest, I studied many healing arts. I went to university to study medicine and became a neurosurgeon and university teacher at a Canadian medical school. I also studied and practiced acupuncture and energy healing and went to China to learn herbal treatments and therapeutic massage. I studied and practiced many different ancient Vedic, Buddhist, and Taoist healing practices.

But I knew there was still something missing. Many illnesses that we treat as doctors have a nasty habit of returning. As I see it, we still do not know how to fundamentally change the illness itself.

It was only after I met Master Sha in 2000 that my understanding of health and the cause of illness became complete. Under the tutelage of Master Sha, I was able to combine my deepest longings — my spiritual quest and my healing path — as one.

What is the fundamental principle of Shen Medicine?

Fundamental to Shen Medicine is the understanding of shen qi jing, and the flow of messages that is the key mechanism underlying all changes in the universe. Shen means message, soul or spirit and includes soul, heart, and mind/consciousness; qi refers to the vital energy or life force, and jing is matter and includes all the tiny particles of our bodies and everything else on planet Earth and in the universe.

The relationships among shen, qi, and jing are the fundamental principle and sacred wisdom and practice of Shen medicine. Master Sha presented this in four sacred phrases in his book Soul Mind Body Science System, co-authored with Dr. Rulin Xiu. These four phrases explain how message or information flows in the universe: soul is the boss and passes along a decision to the heart, heart awareness receives and comprehends the message and passes it on to the mind, mind processes it and passes it on to energy, energy takes action and makes changes on matter. This flow of messages brings shen qi jing into alignment as one. In a healthy body, this flow is uninterrupted. If it is blocked by corrupted or impure messages, there is a misalignment and illness and blockages in any aspect of life can occur. In Shen medicine, there are practical techniques to help restore this flow to support good health, rejuvenation, and prolonging of life.

What are the key concepts of Shen medicine?

In addition to the concept of shen qi jing (soul, heart, mind, energy, and matter), the key concepts of Shen medicine include cell theory, energy theory, field theory, space theory, energy centers and energy pathways, the meridians.

In my book Shen Medicine, I explain that to maintain health the production of energy by cells needs to be at the appropriate level, and the energy released into the spaces between the cells needs to be moved away so there is no stagnation and buildup.

If the messages that regulate the production of energy by the cells and the messages that regulate the flow of energy in the energy circles are pure and without corruption, then all cells can be in a perfect state. This is the fundamental basis for health.

What is the nature of message in illness?

We create corrupted messages by our misguided thinking, behavior, and emotions. Once created, they create new corrupted messages and reinforce the ones we already have.

It is amazing that cultures that most likely could not have direct contact with one another share the same belief. It is identical among the magical Bushmen healers and shamans in the Kalahari Desert in Africa, visitors to the Catholic healing pilgrimage are in Lourdes, France, the Hindu healing temple in Benares, India, the curanderos in the Andes Mountains, Navajo healers in America, and Taoist masters in China. Even the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, who was a priest working in the healing temple of the Greek god of medicine, Aesclepius, on the Greek island of Kos, healed his patients by a combination of physical treatment and spiritual healing, based on similar principles.

What are some of the practices that support healing the message of illness?

I believe that the best results are achieved when we employ all healing modalities together. Some illnesses may be so advanced or the corrupted messages so strong that a spiritual modality alone is not enough and significant improvement cannot be achieved. We need to work on the origin of the corrupted message, on the original mistake – the spiritual aspect that is the primary cause of the corrupted message.

In Shen Medicine I describe the various practices that can be used to remove negative messages: a practice that involves prayer, visualization of light, and chanting a mantra to bring light to the area that is affected.

Forgiveness practice is a key to self-renewal, but must be done with complete sincerity, humility, and honesty for effectiveness. It may have to be done repeatedly to cleanse the shen (message) area with love, light, and forgiveness.

Routine daily practice creates well-developed foundational energy centers that form the basis for a successful program that will include meditations and chanting.

In Shen Medicine, I take readers step-by-step through Master Sha’s special Four Power Technique. All of these practices, along with the practice of Tao Calligraphy, a special art form created by Master Sha, can help with removing the messages and mistakes from our past to support well-being.

What kinds of illnesses have been treated by Shen medicine with beneficial effects?

Shen medicine has been used along with traditional treatments for treating a wide range of ailments, including:

  • Metabolic, endocrine, and immune illnesses
  • Infections
  • Cardiovascular illnesses
  • Respiratory illnesses
  • Gynecological illnesses
  • Neurological illnesses
  • Psychiatric illnesses
  • Musculoskeletal illnesses
  • Cancer and tumors

In Shen Medicine, I present forty-six case studies which provide the results of medical tests and the personal reports from patients who have experienced improvements and, in some cases, full recovery.


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“Shen medicine states the root cause of sickness is impure or blocked messages; to transform and purify these messages is to transform sickness.” – Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha

“If pure message flows, all life flourishes; if impure message blocks the flow, there can be failure in any aspect of life.” — Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

“There is an unseen world everywhere, around us and within us, wherever we are. Our minds and hearts are so preoccupied with the physical world and its trappings that most of us think the visible and tangible world is all there is. Yet, it most certainly is not.” — Peter Hudoba, M.D.

“As far as humanity can remember, there has always been a persistent belief that beyond what we can see, touch, and feel, there is more. Not only is there a spiritual world but, in fact, this spiritual world is superior to and is guiding the physical world.” — Peter Hudoba, M.D.

“Soul or spirit is message or information and it is in every particle of matter, from the smallest to the biggest. Soul carries a message of how a physical entity, the matter, is designed, how it is formed, how it will function, and what will happen to it. Soul carries a message of how energy will affect the matter. Both energy and matter are carriers of message.” — Peter Hudoba, M.D.

“Proper functioning of everything in the universe depends on having a correct message. If the message is good, then the functions of energy and matter in any given entity are also good. If the message is not correct, then the energy and matter cannot function correctly.” — Peter Hudoba, M.D.

Endorsements of Dr. & Master Zhi Gang Sha’s Teachings

“We, the human race, need more Zhi Gang Sha.” – Dr. Maya Angelou, Author of I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings

“Master Sha offers a clear, practical path to learning the secrets of self-healing.” – Marianne Williamson, Author of A Return to Love

“Practical, useful information and techniques for putting the body’s natural abilities to work on healing – a wonderful contribution.” – Dr. Wayne Dyer, Author of There’s a Spiritual Solution to Every Problem

“I consider his [Master Sha’s] healing path to be a universal spiritual practice, a journey into genuine transformation.” – Dr. Michael Beckwith, Author of Spiritual Liberation

“Master Sha is the most important healer and teacher available in North America today. Master healers are rare. Here is one of the living masters of soul healing and its effects upon mind and body.” – Dr. C. Norman Shealy, Author of Life Beyond 100

“Master Sha is an important teacher and wonderful healer with a valuable message about the power of the soul to influence and transform all life.” – Dr. Masuru Emoto, Author of The Healing Power of Water