About the Author

Residing in Vancouver, DR. PETER HUDOBA has been a highly successful neurosurgeon, university professor, medical researcher, and student of ancient eastern wisdom.

Dr. Hudoba moved from Czechoslovakia to Canada to work as a neuroscientist at McMaster University. He then studied neurosurgery at the University of Toronto, subsequently becoming an Assistant Professor and head of the postgraduate neurosurgical program at the University of Saskatchewan.

Dr. Hudoba’s passion for research is evident in the many studies he has presented in conferences and professional journals. He has received seven international awards for his outstanding contributions in neurosurgery research. Dr. Hudoba left the university milieu to serve as President and CEO of Sha Research Foundation for eight years, where he continues to serve as the leading researcher on the effects of spiritual blessings and self-healing protocols on physical and emotional conditions, including life-threatening and chronic “incurable” conditions.

A lifelong Tao scholar and practitioner with additional deep study of Asian energy healing systems, Dr. Hudoba is a leading Master Teacher of Tao Academy. Personally trained by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, a world-renowned transformational leader, spiritual teacher, and eleven-time New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Hudoba’s mission is to help everyone regain and maintain good health and happiness and reach enlightenment. He previously authored My Enlightenment Journey with Master Sha.

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