Trust in the Greatest Love

Trust in the Greatest Love

During this turbulent time, we need the Greatest Love, unconditional love, more than ever. While scientists search for answers to global warming and the pollution in our air and water, we also need to address the spiritual dimension of life. There is a spiritual solution to every challenge. Science needs heart and soul and the human and spiritual experience to have the greatest effects and to get to the roots of our problems.

In the book Greatest Love: How to Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with Unconditional Love, you can learn the wisdom and practices that can change your life and help the world.  It may sound too simple to believe, but we have much more power than we realize. We tend to live without an awareness of this and give our attention to our weaknesses and difficulties in life. But when we give our attention to the positive aspects of life and connect on a daily basis with unconditional love, our true potential emerges.  I myself have experienced this as I have opened up my heart and soul through this study and practice, and changed my life dramatically. I have also observed many people experience the power of the greatest love and how it can help them change their lives.

A lot of our problems are created through our lack of balance and harmony within ourselves. We can tend to focus on negative things and allow our most unpleasant feelings to dominate our hearts and minds. We close down our hearts to love, often because we have been hurt in the past, and succumb to feelings of anger, grief, envy, and lack of confidence and depression. But this can be reversed with the simple but profound practices taught in Greatest Love. Although it may seem hard to believe that only 30 minutes a day of these exercises could have a big effect, I strongly encourage you to try it and see. Give it time and watch the effects on your life. It may not be instant or fast, since people usually do not change that quickly. Through these practices, you are letting go of old habits and replacing them with new ones that can uplift you on emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual levels. As you access your natural power and connect with the unconditional love within yourself that is part of universal love, old tendencies can fade away. Filling your soul, heart, mind, and body every day with the greatest love is an experience that makes you able to transcend and become more loving and connected to everyone and everything. Chinese wisdom says, “The Big Universe and the human being join as one.” This means that we can align with the greatest qualities in the universe. When we are in alignment with unconditional love, harmony and balance can be achieved. We have the power within us to bring this balance into our souls, hearts, minds, and bodies. Whatever is blocking us from well-being, loving relationships, and success in life can disappear, if we apply the wisdom of unconditional love and regularly do the practices that connect us with universal love and the highest wisdom.

Select one aspect of your life where you feel blocked. Here is a practice that will connect you with the power of unconditional love and help you clear the path to a happier and more fulfilling life.

The following practice includes Four Power Techniques that are included in the book Greatest Love. To add to their effectiveness, you can find additional techniques and practices in the book that will greatly increase the benefits.

Body Power: Sit with your back away from the chair and your feet flat on the floor. Place one hand on your lower abdomen and the other hand on your heart.

Soul Power: Speak to inner and outer souls.

Dear Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body of my________(name the area that is blocked), I love you. Please bless my________(name the area that is blocked). Thank you.

Dear Divine and Tao Source, dear all kinds of spiritual mothers and fathers, and universes, Please bless my_________. Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize the light of the Greatest Love in your soul, heart, mind, and body.  

Sound Power: Chant Greatest Love silently or aloud, for ten minutes, or as long as you wish. The more you chant the greater the benefits.

Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Greatest Love

The more you connect with the Greatest Love, the happier you will be. You will clear away what holds you back in life and spread love wherever you go.

I hope you will explore all the practices and wisdom in Greatest Love and make them a part of your life. I wish you the greatest success and happiness.

With Greatest Love,

Master Francisco



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