Greatest Love Has the Greatest Power to Help Humanity

Greatest Love Has the Greatest Power to Help Humanity

“Love melts all blockages and transforms all life.” ~ Master Zhi Gang Sha.

All of us want to be loved. Being loved feels good and nourishes goodness in our lives. Love is a key teaching across all religious and spiritual traditions and in all kinds of self-help literature. It enables us to feel safe and grow, and ultimately to express our love. It is the golden key to a happy and successful life, and a solution to our problems and challenges.

In the many years I have traveled and studied with my spiritual teacher and father, Master Sha, I have witnessed the profound healing power of love. The greatest power comes from unconditional love, such as the love that created the universe, that has no beginning or ending; a love that will never fail us. This love is real. It is expansive, true, and without limit. When we are touched by this kind of love, we may be deeply and forever transformed. I know it has transformed my life, and I believe it has the power to transform Mother Earth’s and humanity’s struggles.

No matter what an individual’s spiritual practices or religious beliefs may be, I’m confident that most everyone would agree with the healing power of unconditional love. I am confident that most of you believe in some unconditionally loving force, such as the Divine, the Universe, the Creator, the Tao, Nature, Angels, Saints and more. Master Sha communicates regularly with the Divine and Tao to receive wisdom and knowledge to share with humanity, to help humanity. The Divine in this case can be understood as analogous to all forms of “God.” The Tao can be understood as the ultimate Source of all things. Whereas human love is often conditional and limited, Divine and Tao love are totally unconditional and unlimited.

In recent years, Master Sha began offering the teachings of the Ten Greatest Tao Qualities, which are the 10 greatest qualities and virtues of Divine and Tao that serve as guideposts for a human being’s life, especially during this special time on Mother Earth.

Greatest Love, or “Da Ai” in Chinese, is the first of these Ten Greatest Tao Qualities. Greatest love is the love of Divine and Tao. It is unconditional, unlimited and eternal. Greatest Love has the greatest power to melt all blockages and transform all life.

As human beings, it may be difficult for us access the Greatest Love from day to day, especially during our challenges. But when we can access it, amazing things can happen! Just remember the times that you felt the most unconditionally loved. In those moments you were aligned with the greatest power on earth.

Imagine what could happen if we can access this power at any time. What might that do for our lives? In the book, Greatest Love – Unlock Your Potential in 30 Minutes a Day with the Power of Unconditional Love, Master Sha shares wisdom, knowledge, practices and sacred empowerments that facilitate our access to Greatest Love, at any time. I invite you to explore this book in greater detail, to benefit your life and the lives of all you can touch.

One of my favorite practices in the book is to chant the mantra “Da Ai.” It is even more powerful when I trace or write the Tao Calligraphy for Da Ai, which is a unique form of Oneness writing that also carries a Tao Light transmission. This sacred calligraphy is also in the book, with clear explanations of how it works.

I am inviting you to join me in a practice to develop Greatest Love now.

Practice Da Ai with Me.

For the next week, I encourage you to practice with Da Ai as much as you can, to bring Greatest Love into your heart, for any aspect of your life. Practice Da Ai to become Da Ai.

We will use the Four Power Techniques (adding the Fifth Power for those who have access to the Tao Calligraphy of Da Ai).

Body Power is the placement of your body and hands to focus the healing, rejuvenation and transformation.

Body Power: Place one palm on your heart and the other palm on your lower abdomen. Or, if you have the Da Ai Tao Calligraphy and you wish to trace it, take one hand and prepare to trace by bringing all your fingers together.

Soul Power is to Say Hello to inner and outer souls.

Soul Power: Say, Dear the Divine, Dear the Tao, Dear all my spiritual fathers and mothers including (name them). I Love you all. Please bless me to open my heart to Da Ai. I am so honored and appreciative. Thank you.

Dear Da Ai – Greatest Love and the Tao Calligraphy Da Ai, including all the special blessings within, I love you all. Please remove blockages to my Da Ai and nourish my Da Ai. Please help me to bring Da Ai into all my situations. Thank you. I am so honored and appreciative.

Mind Power is creative visualization.

Mind Power: Visualize beautiful light filling your heart from Heaven, the saints, the Tao Calligraphy and all forms of Da Ai. Visualize yourself experiencing Da Ai in any situation in which you need Da Ai.

Sound Power is to chant or sing special mantras or high vibrational sounds for health, happiness and more.

Sound Power:  Chant, “Da Ai” (pronounced dah eye) repeatedly, silently or aloud, for as long as you wish.

Tao Calligraphy Tracing Power is to connect with a Tao Calligraphy and trace it to receive Tao frequency and vibration for your request.

Tracing Power: If you are tracing, take the hand with your fingers together and trace the Tao Calligraphy Da Ai as you chant. This further brings the essence of Da Ai into your entire being.

Practice for as long as you wish. Really let go and tune into receive Da Ai – The Greatest Love. The more you can relax and allow, the more Da Ai can flow into your being and your life.

When you are finished, close with, “Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.”

This is a practice you can do daily to help transform your life. You can also practice throughout the day, at any time you may experience disharmony or struggle. You could simply reconnect to this practice and silently chant. Let Da Ai into your heart to transform your heart, and notice how love can change you and the situations you face.

Thank you for the honor to share this wisdom and practice with you.

I send you my greatest love,

Master Francisco

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