Embodying the Greatest Love

Embodying the Greatest Love

The term “unconditional love” has become a part of humanity’s vernacular. We all want to be loved unconditionally, to know we are loved and accepted, faults and all. We understand that there are different forms of love, and that unconditional love is the highest form. It is expansive, genuine and eternal. When we are touched by it, it fills our hearts.

Greatest Love is the term given to Master Sha to describe the first of the Greatest Divine and Tao Qualities, or virtues of Divine and Tao (Source). Greatest love is totally unconditional. It is the love that created everyone and everything, including countless universes. It exists in everyone and everything. With this love all around us and within us, we may wonder why it is so hard to align with and embody the Greatest Love in our lives today.

The answer is given in the book, Greatest Love – Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with Unconditional Love, written by Master Sha along with Master Maya Mackie and myself. It is difficult for us to awaken and embody the Greatest Love because we have so many “shen qi jing blockages”, or “pollution” in our souls, hearts, minds and bodies. Shen represents information or message, and includes soul, heart and mind. Qi is energy. Jing is matter. We are all made of shen qi jing. Everyone and everything, including the Greatest Love, is made of shen qi jing.

Therefore, a human being has many shen qi jing blockages. Shen (soul, heart and mind) blockages are most important. Soul blockages are the karma blockages. Good karma is created with loving service that makes others happier and healthier. Bad karma is created with unpleasant service that hurts or harms others. Bad karma can block us. Heart blockages are impurities of the heart, such as jealousy, greed, anger and more. Mind blockages are ego and attachments, as well as negative mindsets, attitudes and beliefs. In Master Sha’s teaching, the key to healing and transformation is to heal and transform the soul first. Then the mind and body will follow.

How do we heal the soul? We address karma blockages. In our lifetime, we are being given the opportunity to balance our karma by learning lessons, asking forgiveness and serving unconditionally. We are learning to love and forgive. This brings nourishment and light to the soul and transforms the shen qi jing.

Master Sha’s commitment to share the Ten Greatest Divine and Tao Qualities, of which Greatest Love is the first, is most significant and important. To be successful in all we may wish to accomplish in our soul journeys and physical lives, the first and most significant step is to align with and embody the Greatest Love.

Look in your heart and ask yourself, “How can I become a more loving person? What can I do to align with the Greatest Love?” I will be honest with you, to align with the Greatest Love, you will need to make some changes. We are blessed to have a great deal of help to accomplish this.

To align with and embody more Greatest Love, we greatly benefit from being in the field – the shen qi jing – of Greatest Love. We benefit from practices that entrain us to vibrate to this frequency, which can transform our blockages and help us maintain a higher quality of shen qi jing. As this happens, we can begin to make choices for love more often. The other choices will stop resonating with us. We become stronger in our commitment to love. We acquire an unshakable heart!

Let us practice together. We will do a practice with the sacred mantra, “Da Ai” which is Mandarin Chinese for Greatest Love. We will apply the Tao Calligraphy of Da Ai and the Five Powers (please see the Greatest Love book for a copy of the Tao Calligraphy of Da Ai and instruction on how to trace it. If you do not have it yet, that’s perfectly fine. You can still practice with the Four Powers and receive tremendous benefits).

Let’s begin.

Body Power: Sit with your back away from the chair and your feet flat on the floor. If you have the Tao Calligraphy for tracing, place all the fingers of the hand you will trace with together in preparation for tracing, and place the other hand gently on your heart. If you do not yet have the calligraphy, place one hand on your lower abdomen and the other hand on your heart.

Soul Power: Say, “Dear Divine and Tao Source, dear all kinds of spiritual mothers and fathers and countless stars, planets, galaxies and universes, I love you and honor you. Would you send your Da Ai into my heart? Would you bless my shen qi jing so I can experience and embody more Da Ai? I am so grateful and appreciative. Thank you.

Dear the shen qi jing of Da Ai and the Tao Calligraphy Da Ai, I love and honor you. Please bless me to increase my Da Ai. I deeply apologize for all the mistakes my ancestors and I have made in all lifetimes. I sincerely ask for forgiveness. I know in my heart that to ask is not enough. I must put my service into action. To serve is to make others healthier and happier. I will serve more and more. I’m very grateful for all the blessings. Thank you.

Mind Power: Visualize the beautiful crystal light of Da Ai – the Greatest love – coming into your heart, and then radiating throughout your entire being, from head to toe, skin to bone. You are glowing with Da Ai. You are filled with Da Ai. You are Da Ai.

Sound Power: Chant each mantra silently or aloud, for as long as you wish:

Da Ai Da Ai
Da Ai Da Ai
Da Ai Da Ai
Da Ai Da Ai….

Greatest love
Greatest love
Greatest love
Greatest love….

Tracing Power: Trace the Tao Calligraphy Da Ai as directed in the Greatest Love book.

Practice a while. When you are finished, close your practice with gratitude. Then sit in the frequency and vibration of this practice. You have just received an enormous blessing of Da Ai from Divine and Tao, your spiritual mothers and fathers, and countless stars, planets, galaxies and universes. Relish it, absorb it, receive it.

The more you do practices like this one, coupled with the intention and willingness to change, the more you will embody the Greatest Love and see the miracles in your life that love creates.

I am so honored to share this wisdom.

Thank you from my heart.

With Da Ai,

Master Francisco

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