5 Self-Care Rituals


Self-care Rituals to Nourish Your Soul, Heart, Mind, and Body

by Francisco Quintero, B.S.

Certified Master Teacher of Tao Academy

Abstract: This article describes the importance of self-care rituals that are vital for maintaining good health and a balanced life. Practices are revealed to help align with self-love in order to fill your heart, as well as daily rituals to nourish your soul, heart, mind, and body.


For many of us, great opportunities for growth come with learning how to love and care for ourselves. Self-care is vital. If we can truly love ourselves, we can step into the kind of love that expands and fills the heart with goodness, compassion, forgiveness, and more. This is the greatest love, which is unconditional.

Self-love and self-care require finding balance in life. To take care of our responsibilities, commitments, loved ones, clients, and more while also attending to ourselves can be a challenge. We can help the process along by setting up loving action for ourselves. Instead of “waiting for the right time” or waiting to feel self- love, we can make a commitment and make it happen. Making this commitment is in and of itself an act of self-love.

One way to align with self-love is to learn the simple practices in the book, Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with the Power of Unconditional Love.i This is a powerful book that shares ancient and new wisdom about the quality of greatest (unconditional) love and what blocks us from experiencing it.

Another way to align with self-love is to create habits or rituals that help us learn to love and nourish ourselves.

The five self-care rituals suggested are examples that anyone can do to help create balance and develop self- love. Whether you do one or all of these suggestions once, twice, or more times per month, make it a regular commitment.

1 Spend time in nature.

imageMany of us have one or two favorite spots where we can absorb the beautiful vibrations of nature. Being in nature is a great way to nourish your soul, heart, mind, and body. The sun, flowers, trees, rivers, oceans, mountains, and more radiate their loving essence simply and purely, putting us in touch with the unconditional service of nature. Being in nature can bring us a sense of peace and help us connect with the universal laws, and reminds us of our oneness with everyone and everything.

Allow yourself some dedicated time to be with nature mindfully to absorb the greatest love that is present there. Take time to appreciate nature. Connect with the trees, waters, lands, and more. Chant the mantra, Greatest Love, to send your greatest love to all of nature. Notice how it feels to be the vessel of greatest love.

2 Have a special meal.

imageChoose a day to nourish yourself with a special meal. Maybe it’s ultra-nutritious and maybe it’s not! Whatever the meal is, it’s nurturing you because you chose it for your self-care day. If it involves going to the market and preparing the food, enjoy these steps fully. It’s your special meal! If you are being waited on at a restaurant of your choosing, relish that. Receive with an open heart. These are gifts of love to yourself and meant to be “just what the doctor ordered.”

3 Enjoy a sacred practice.


Whether you read that special book that nourishes your soul or do a sacred practice such as meditation, yoga, chanting, or journaling, dedicate some time for your spiritual connection in one of these ways. This will nourish your soul and bring you more love and light. No matter what other aspects of daily life are calling you, this is important. Set aside an hour or two. Make tea. Burn incense. Light some candles.

Here is a simple practice you can do by applying the Four Power Techniques that are presented in Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha’s Greatest Love book:

Body Power: Sit straight with both feet flat on the floor. Place one palm on your lower abdomen and one palm on your heart.

Soul Power: Connect by saying:

Dear Greatest Love, I love you. Please come into my heart and remove blockages to my self-love. Please nourish my Greatest Love and bless my life. Thank you. I am so honored and appreciative.

Mind Power: See the light of Greatest Love radiating in your heart and in your life.

Sound Power: Repeat the mantra for as long as you wish, silently or aloud:

Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Greatest Love
Greatest Love …

When you are done, take some time in silence to notice how you feel. Give gratitude to the Greatest Love showered upon you. Ask it to stay with you for the rest of your day.

4 Call that unique someone in your life.

Call someone significant and meaningful in your life—someone that makes you feel good to stay connected with. Someone who understands you. It’s important to nourish these connections and allow them to nourish you.

This is your time together. Schedule the time and enjoy it. Receive the boost of this special connection in your life.

5 Relax with body care.

imagePamper your body. Soak in the tub, get a massage, or have a foot rub. Give your body the Greatest Love and gratitude it deserves. Recognize how your body serves you. Relax. Let it all in.

These are just a few ideas, but you can establish your own self-care rituals. One of the keys is to plan it and make it a priority. Do it regularly. Your loved ones will begin to support you. Your soul, heart, mind, and body will begin to glow from the love that comes with self-care.

You will have more to give others.

Learning the Greatest Love, or unconditional love, is very important for all of us. This is the love that is limitless and fills the heart with gratitude, acceptance, compassion, and more. Self-love is a requirement for unconditional and Greatest Love. Practicing self-care is a beautiful and positive way to practice self-love. Integrate it into your life. Enjoy your self-care days!


Francisco Quintero is a Certified Master Teacher trained by renowned spiritual teacher and humanitarian Master Zhi Gang Sha, and the author of Divine Joy: How to Find Joy in Daily Life (Heaven’s Library Publication Corp., 2010) and contributing author of Greatest Love: Unblock Your Life in 30 Minutes a Day with the Power of Unconditional Love. A leading teacher at the Tao Academy™, he has developed training programs worldwide, and has assisted in training more than 6,000 soul practitioners and teachers around the world.

This article originally appeared in the Journal of Tao Soul Heart Mind and Body, volume 1, Issue 1, August 2018.